A night ride, with the Firelords: Rajmachi 26-March-2011

Written by: Pankaj Goyal (Cross-posted from his facebook page)

After a long time I went riding with my motorcycle club this weekend. The destination was Rajmachi forest trail. The plan was to leave at night around 23:00hrs and come back by day break.

Nipun and I reached bigwheels motoring cafe around 21:45 where we met Ashutosh (of course that’s his own pub), and chilled out over some good music, drinks and food. Right when we started to get skeptic of others arrival, Amit walked in and soon to follow were Kaivan, Sachin, Henry and the new member Sharan. After dinner, some insider jokes and much delay, the eight of us left on 7 Bullets at 01:00 from bigwheels cafe and raced our steeds to Lonavala, our first re-grouping point just before Rajmachi detour.

After a round of smoke (only by the smokers) we took the off road that leads to the Rajmachi trail. Following Ashutosh, we lost our way briefly before joining back Nipun and Amit on the right track. Ashutosh, in his defense, said the things there have changed so much since he last came! Back on the right track, we were all pumped up now to ride right through the jungle on tracks marred with rocks and boulders and creepers hanging all around. I made a point to follow Ashutosh’s lead and kept up with him till out next re-grouping point. The way was very bumpy with huge rocks and gravel and mud all along, valley on one side and hill on the other. By then Kaivan and Amit survived a fall each.

After second re-grouping, we left towards a dilapidated house, just off the track on way to Rajmachi fort. After some 30 minutes of riding on boulders, crossing a dry stream, meetings night trackers, and losing the way once more, we finally reached the destination at around 03:15hrs. It was an old locked house on the edge of the valley from where the night lights shining in the city could be seen. After an hour of talks, jokes, brave photography attempts by Nipun and Amit with their expensive gear, we decided it’s time to leave.

Now, acquainted with the trail, the return leg went very fast. Ashutosh and I again lost our way somewhere in the wilderness, and after looking in all possible nooks, finally found our way back and found others waiting for us. We left the Rajmachi trail and re-grouped at Lonavala. With some hot chai and creamrolls, the feeling was of accomplishment and pleasure. The time around 05:45 and we said byes and raced our way back to Pune. Just when the sun was popping out, I took to rest on my bed with a sweet pain climbing up the back. The steed did a wonderful job.

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