Ride to Tel Baila

On a warm… oh wait hot Saturday afternoon we set on course to Tel Baila for our Saturday night camping trip. Yeah we don’t really care about the elements as long as we are riding as Firelords.
12512670_1262603983767167_4970766741731672730_n Like most of our trips we started from Chandni chowk. Everyone poured in at sharp 2.30 as we started our engines. Got into a formation and started riding towards Tamhini.As the temperatures soared so did our speed. What was hot once had now turned into a cool breeze as our bikes galloped on the road. After a short ride of 70 km, the temperature eased off in Tamhini. We stopped for a quick tea break and hydrated ourselves for the fun road ahead. We started to take the internal roads, and true to its nature, the not so well maintained roadsadded to the fun. Firelords thrive on such conditions and that was evident in their riding. Dense forest, curved gravel filled roads, were full of surprises.

12963896_1262604193767146_3134966833086989860_nIn one of our intermediate stops a few guys decided to go ahead and to check on suitable places where we can camp. The road is full of surprises and we have to be wary of it. Shetty, Yogesh and Abhijit were in their element when a sudden turn caught them off guard. Shetty and Yogesh managed to hang on to the line, but Abhijit went off it nearly riding off the road, but experienced rider that he is managed to get his act together in time to avoid a possible mishap.

The group soon reach the majestic mountains and everyone was in aww of the sight. We decided to halt before the final leg of the journey and absorb the beauty of nature.

While the group admired the beauty of nature, a few of us (Nirya, Shetty and I) went ahead to check if our spot was still available. It’s a plateau with valley on the west and the majestic mountains in the east. The moment we reached there, it was a Eureka moment for all of us. All we had to do was just look at each other and smile.

We set up camp there for the night and prepared ourselves for the PARRTTYYYY that was to follow. Guys who had carried their tents started setting them up, few of us were looking for a perfect spot near the bonfire where we could cosy up in our sleeping bags. JUST THEN we noticed that the ground was full of burrows. Initially we started cracking up about how the mice might make way into the tents while we are sleeping and attack our ‘personal property’ then the discussion turned serious when one of us mentioned the slightest possibility of ‘SNAKES’. It was panic all around; we started closing the burrows with everything possible to ensure we don’t get surprises in the night.

As the sun set in the horizon, the camp was lit up with the bon fire, humour and laughter. As the alcohol started flowing the nerves calmed and like Amey says “It was full on Radaaaa”

Paggi and Goa led the entertainment bandwagon as the others joined in. While playing antakshari it was a mandate that the opposite team member supposed to dance when other team is singing though all the time Paggi was dancing. His actions signalling snake, Borrow… Borrow…. From Nana was epicItalian name for watchman n dog, then African names n all nautanki. Old n new songs, open sky with full of stars, cool breeze, moonlight, aroma of BBQ n mutton and cheers filled the night sky.

Our eyes opened at the crack of dawn and Boy, what a sight. Morning Haze, mountains, beautiful coloursin the sky welcomed us and the moon which had been part of our laughter and cheers accompanied the morning sky. You should see it to believe it!!!

After the morning photo session, we wrapped up early, had breakfast n came back home by 10.30

Throughout the ride back I was smiling at the fond memories I had collected from this trip, thanks to this FAMILY. Injector, Nana discussion with Monal, Paggi BBQ, marshmallow sandwich, mutton rassa, snake skin, borrow… Borrow, antakshari, Taxi n after that I don’t. Remember anything….

With this successful ride in the bag, we can’t wait to explore more…

Till then… Rock hard roll safe

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